Blaine's Bulletin: A Better Way to Grow the Economy

In just one day in the month of June, there were 321 pages of federal regulations that were released by the Obama Administration.

In just one day in the month of June, there were 321 pages of federal regulations that were released by the Obama Administration.

The sheer volume of regulations over the last eight years has crushed small businesses across the nation as they are faced with hard choices: merge with a larger competitor and lose independence, pass on the additional costs onto consumers who are already dealing with economic uncertainty of their own, or close up shop altogether. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, all of these decisions lead to higher costs and fewer choices for Americans.

However, there can be a better way. There can be a way that empowers Americans to achieve financial independence and creates opportunities for small businesses all while growing the economy and reducing the regulatory burden.

This Better Way initiative’s economic plan focuses on six different ways to grow the economy: regulate smarter; deliver affordable and reliable energy; end bailouts and promote financial independence; put students and workers first; preserve Internet innovation; and crack down on lawsuit abuse.

By keeping our household energy bills low, ensuring that federal policies support equal opportunity for all Americans to succeed in the classroom, and protecting the Internet from unnecessary regulation – we can get on the right path for our country to succeed and grow. 

This Better Way economic plan has at least 101 solutions on the table to set the table for economic growth. Included are two of my bills that fall under the section of demanding accountability from Washington regulators. One would help bring an end to the “too big to fail” financial policies of the Obama Administration, in part by, making a commonsense change to the arbitrary criteria that the government uses to determine which institutions are systemically important. The other piece of legislation that was included is one that I have talked about frequently. My bill to end Operation Choke Point – the abusive Department of Justice and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation program to deny access to banking services to legal, licensed businesses that administration bureaucrats simply doesn’t like. Making both of these changes will make credit more affordable and available to Missouri individuals, families, and small businesses.

A confident America is the best place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. This framework recognizes that our nation’s regulatory system should work for us, not against us and instead of picking winners and losers, the government should be promoting competition.

If you have any questions about this installment of the Better Way series or would like to know the legislation that is included in this initiative or would like to receive any additional information, please feel free to contact any of my offices.