Blaine’s Bulletin: The Commitment to America

Last week, House Republicans under Leader Kevin McCarthy’s leadership unveiled our “Commitment to America” initiative. Should Republicans regain control of the House, this is the roadmap for what we plan to do to get our country back on track and thriving.

“A nation that’s safe” is one of the most important tenants of our Commitment to America. This is the greatest country in the world, and every American citizen has the right to feel safe living here. But the calls to “defund the police,” soft-on-crime policies, and a weak immigration stance have put the safety and security of our communities into question. Police officers are no longer able to effectively do their jobs in cities with liberal mayors and DA’s. Communities across America are having a hard time recruiting new officers because the job has become so dangerous and politicized. While our nation has had enough difficulty with crime with our own citizens, it has been exacerbated by the crime flooding across the southern border. Human traffickers, dangerous criminals, and drug dealers bringing fentanyl are flowing into our country daily. It is unfair to the people who go through the proper channels to enter this country legally, and exponentially more unfair to the Americans who are suffering the consequences of the open border. We shouldn’t have to see headline reminders before Halloween to triple check your child’s candy to make sure it hasn’t been replaced by rainbow fentanyl, but that is unfortunately a necessary precaution this year. The Commitment to America would invest in our local law enforcement and Homeland Security to give them the tools they need to effectively do their jobs, defend our borders, and counter increasing global threats.

The Commitment to America would also return America to energy independence. American families are paying 60% more for gas under the current one-party rule which has brought our nation’s domestic energy production to a screeching halt. We need to remove the moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and reopen the American energy spigot. Producing our energy here at home is a form of national security in itself, and we need to stop relying on corrupt countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia for oil when we have it right here on American soil. We need to cut regulations for American energy producers so families in this country can once again afford to fill up their cars and pay a reasonable energy bill, particularly as we head into winter.

And finally, the Commitment to America will help strengthen the American economy. Our country quite literally cannot afford two more years of the status quo. As you know, inflation has reached a 40-year high and has outpaced workers’ wages for 17 months in a row. Giant government funding bills have put trillions in taxpayer dollars toward things like radical climate initiatives, excessive COVID relief funding, an army of 87,000 of IRS agents, and paying off student loans for PhDs. America has been experiencing this inflation – or too much money chasing too few goods and services – for far too long. The average family in our country is paying $8,000 more for groceries, gas, cars, and housing per year, and 54% of small business owners in America fear that the current economic climate could force them to close their doors for good. What began as shipping delays has turned into a supply chain crisis, with 80% of small businesses saying supply chain issues have either persisted or gotten worse in the last three months. I’m sure you’ve run into this problem at your grocery store or pharmacy – your favorite brand of coffee or shampoo has been out of stock for months. It is inconvenient for sure, but for a small business these supply chain issues are often a matter of keeping their doors open and workers employed. Small businesses are major job creators and keep local economies going. It is critical that we get the government out of their way and give them the tools to thrive. We need to stop recklessly spending taxpayer money and end our reliance on countries like China who have put us in this supply chain situation to begin with.

America has endured too many hardships over the last two years. Foreign policy failures like our withdrawal from Afghanistan and failure to act in a timely fashion against Russia, a border that now leaks like a sieve with drugs and crime, and economic headwinds that break records almost weekly shouldn’t be the norm. American families deserve better than this, and the Commitment to America is House Republicans’ plan to right the ship.