This country was founded by immigrants who brought their entrepreneurial and brave spirit to our nation. The United States is a welcoming nation but also a nation of laws. Through those laws we have continued to prosper as a world power and model of democracy. The government has a duty to ensure these laws are enforced to protect our citizens and remain the leader of the free world. To that end, I am vehemently opposed to sanctuary cities that willfully ignore federal immigration laws and allow dangerous criminal illegal aliens to remain in our country and on our streets.

I am strongly opposed to amnesty and believe it is inherently unfair to legal immigrants who have spent years playing by the rules to come to the United States. I am equally ardent in my belief that we must secure our border. Without a secure border, the United States will continue to encounter surges of immigrants with American taxpayers left to foot the bill. Illegal entry poses a danger to not only our national security, but also our economy. The American people can no longer afford the federal government's inaction when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws.