Community Project Funding Requests: 

Project Name: Center for Agricultural Animal Genetic Engineering and Health

Request Amount: $4,000,000

Intended Recipient: University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Address: 2-64 Ag Building, Columbia, MO 65201

Explanation of request: A new Agriculture Research Service (ARS) Research Lab at the Center for Agricultural Animal Genetic Engineering and Health would meet the need for producing genetic variant animals for research and act as a hub for animal genetic research to improve animal health and yields that will benefit the livestock industry in Missouri and across the country.

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Project Name: Jefferson City Memorial Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Reconstruction 

Request Amount: $3,400,000

Intended Recipient: City of Jefferson

Address: 500 Airport Road, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Explanation of request: The existing Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at Jefferson City Memorial Airport was originally constructed in 1973 as a temporary structure and has served approximately two million operations during its 48-year history. The equipment and infrastructure of the ATCT is outdated and beyond repair and needs to be updated. Additionally, the current size of the tower does not meet current FAA standards and does not meet airfield line of sight recommendations. The reconstruction will help the ATCT meet current FAA standards and recommendations while also enhancing the safety and operations of the airport.

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Project Name: Centertown Wastewater Collection System

Request Amount: $8,686,000

Intended Recipient: Village of Centertown

Address: 1227 Broadway Street, Centertown, Missouri 65023

Explanation of request: The age and condition of the many septic tanks currently within the Village of Centertown pose a threat to the local community and nearby rivers. A central wastewater system will help correct problems that have arisen from the aging and undersize septic system and provide a safer and more long-term solution for the community.

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