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Luetkemeyer, MO Republicans Urge Protections for Workers with Disabilities in 14(c) Programs

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Last week, Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-03) and the Missouri Republican delegation sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging protections for workers with disabilities who participate in Section 14(c) subminimum wage programs in any upcoming COVID relief legislation. Excerpts and the link to thefull lettercan be found below.

“Since the announcement of President Biden’s plan to increase minimum wage to $15 and eliminate separate subminimum wages for workers with disabilities, we have had hundreds of constituents reach out with their concerns for their loved ones currently benefiting from 14(c) programs in Missouri. While we should not assume that all parents are fully speaking on the behalf of their child, they are the closest advocate for these individuals with disabilities. If we are to work to better these individual’s lives by federal action, we should first give them a voice and opportunity to express how this effort should be carried out.”

“In 2020, Missouri workshops produced more than $189.5 million in total revenues and accounted for nearly $65.7 million going into their local economies.These businesses are also home and family to many Missourians with disabilities that would not otherwise have the opportunity to earn any wages in the competitive market… We sincerely appreciate your attention to this important matter and stand ready to work with you to protect workers with disabilities in any upcoming coronavirus-relief package.”

The full letter can be found HERE.