Blaine’s Bulletin: America Deserves a Biden Investigation

For two and a half years, my Democratic colleagues put America through a fruitless, politically motivated investigation of President Trump and his family. Rather than accepting the results of the 2016 election, moving on, and serving the constituents who elected them, they jammed the legislative gears of Congress with “investigations” and impeachment proceedings in a four-year plan to displace the President. 

Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats have been searching for ways to overturn the results of the 2016 election since the day President Trump was sworn in. They have searched for evidence that the President illegally used his position for financial gain and insist any success his family has ever had, going back decades, is somehow tied to the Presidency. They turned the House Intelligence Committee and even the House Financial Services Committee into investigative tasks forces and abandoned all committee responsibilities. After the Mueller investigation produced absolutely no evidence of impropriety, Speaker Pelosi desperately threw a Hail Mary and began impeachment proceedings. Months of Congress’ time and resources -- not to mention millions of taxpayer dollars -- went into their impeachment attempt that came up fruitless and actually exonerated the President of any wrongdoing. And while House and Senate Democrats were solely focused on impeachment proceedings and incessantly going through the Administration’s every move with a fine-tooth comb, issues that actually affected American lives were completely overlooked, the biggest being COVID-19 which was spreading rapidly and taking lives throughout Asia and Europe.

Fast forward six months and we may finally have the evidence of money laundering and impropriety the Democrats were looking for. It’s just like they said: massive amounts of money from Eastern Europe and Asia were being illegally sent into the United States to influence the very top of the United States government. Family members were making millions off their connections to the White House and middlemen were allegedly used to cover the tracks. House investigators may have finally caught the break they’ve been seeking for nearly four years.  Of course, none of this evidence has anything to do with President Trump but points squarely at former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  

In light of the allegations and evidence of the former Vice President’s and his son’s suspicious activity with foreign governments, earlier this week I officially called on the House Financial Services Committee and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to open an investigation. On Thursday I led a letter with eleven of my colleagues to Chairman Schiff and Chairwoman Waters urging them to take immediate action. These committees have stopped at nothing to find fault with the President under the guise of “oversight” and dismissed all suggestions of political motivation. If oversight is truly what they are seeking, they now have the chance to prove it to the American people by looking into the Biden family’s potentially illegal behavior and ridding the country of the notion that their nonstop investigations into the Trump family was a politically driven witch hunt. 

Regardless of what happens Tuesday, the former Vice President of the United States and his family have been implicated in some very unsavory activity and America deserves an explanation. If Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are to be taken seriously as anything other than partisans with zero regard for the committees they lead and the people they represent, they will immediately open an investigation into these very serious accusations.