Blaine’s Bulletin: Commitment to America

Washington, September 25, 2020

2020 has been a trying year. The coronavirus has taken American lives, shuttered businesses, caused children to fall behind in school and forced hardworking Americans who have lost their jobs to wonder how they will pay the rent and put food on the table. But we are a resilient nation, and despite the difficulties we have faced this year I have faith we will come back stronger than ever. House Republicans have a plan for getting this country back on its feet with our “Commitment to America.” The three pillars: Restore, Rebuild, and Renew, put us on a path to not only heal this nation but to quickly return to the historic prosperity we were experiencing prior to the virus. 

Here in Missouri, our numbers are improving every day and we’re quickly returning to normal. But our vulnerable populations must still be careful, and we must continue providing support for the medical community. The number one priority of our plan is restoring the health and safety of the American people. We need rapid testing and further medical research to get every at-risk American quick access to medical treatment. “Restoring” doesn’t stop at public health. The reckless, radical calls to “Defund the Police” and violent protests taking place across the country illustrate how badly we must also restore public safety, particularly in cities. This initiative will increase funding for police training, more body cameras and more equipment for the incredibly brave men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping our neighborhoods safe. 

The Commitment to America’s pledge to rebuild the country means reinvestment in American businesses and American workers. This is the greatest country in the world; everything we need to heal our economy can be found right here. Our plan adds 10 million new jobs for hardworking Americans who have found themselves unable to work due to the pandemic. We would add to the Paycheck Protection Program to help every small business owner who needs a loan to keep their doors open and employees on payroll. The child tax credit would also be extended so families who may have faced unemployment over the last six months can catch up on bills and put food on the table, and we are focused on bringing supply chains back to the U.S. Interruptions in supply chains and manufacturing due to our dependence on other countries like China was a rude awakening to a fact we can no longer let stand. The only way to ensure we have the things we need is to make the things we need in America. The Commitment to America would increase our economic security and modernize our infrastructure so we will never again be put in a position to depend on anyone but ourselves.

The final pillar is a pledge to renew the American Dream. It has been heartbreaking to witness the closures of small businesses – the epitome of the American Dream – during the pandemic. We plan to renew America so these business owners can get back on their feet and Main Street America can thrive once again. This pillar is also a commitment to increasing funding for education and services for our veterans. American children, parents and teachers have faced an uphill battle with distance learning and making sure students don’t fall behind while at home. The Commitment to America would bring high-speed internet to every household and invest millions in our country’s education system. We also plan to renew our commitment to the veterans who have struggled with access to VA hospitals during the pandemic and pledge to get them the care, resources and support they need. 

I believe in America, and I believe in you. This country was built on hard work and determination – values we still hold dear today. The coronavirus was a crisis like nobody in over a century had ever experienced, but we will – and are already – coming back. It will take time, but House Republicans have a plan. The Commitment to America is our pledge to, with your help, pull this country up by its bootstraps, come back stronger than ever, and continue the American legacy of strength and success.