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Luetkemeyer on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Washington, May 13, 2020
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-03) joined C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to discuss his role on the Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, this week’s vote on the Democrats’ coronavirus wish list, and how the coronavirus has affected Missouri’s Third District.

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On the Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis:

“Speaker Pelosi says [this committee] is supposed to provide some oversight on the activities going on around the coronavirus situation -- the pandemic and the response to it, both the President’s and Congress’ -- but we already have eight other committees… that are doing oversight. And the very first thing she did when she put the committee together was to immediately go after some small businesses that applied for PPP loans under the auspices of the heading of this committee. 

"If [Speaker Pelosi] is serious about this, we’ll get into why was WHO so asleep at the switch? Why did [she] go after the President and not apologize to him after he was the first one to respond to the coronavirus situation by closing down travel?  My fear is -- and so far it’s proven correct -- that this is nothing more than a political exercise. So, our job as the minority on the committee is to make sure the real truth gets out and the real facts are out there so the American people can judge what is really going on here.”

On this week’s vote on Speaker Pelosi’s partisan wish list:

“I can't support this. This is the Democrats’ wish list over many years. In fact, they call it that... There is stuff in there that has no business being there from the standpoint of election money and other things that have nothing to do with COVID-19… we’re not just going to stand on top of a building and throw money off the building and hope everyone can catch it down below. I think we have to have some targeted relief to people if we need it. 

“The President is taking a good tact here from the standpoint that we need to wait for two or three weeks to see how our economy is reacting to opening up, as well as the dollars that have been out there.”