Blaine's Bulletin: 100 Days

Washington, April 12, 2019

My Democratic colleagues have now controlled the U.S. House of Representatives for 100 days. After a decade in the minority, it is understandable that my colleagues may be slightly out of practice on the intricacies of governing. However, while they claim they’ve been working “for the people” for the last 100 days, the truth is that they’ve advocated for more government control of our individual lives, embraced radical socialism, ignored the crisis at our border, defended infanticide and proposed irresponsible proposals that could destroy our economy.

Over the last 100 days, the House majority has pursued a divisive agenda, fighting President Trump at every turn. After President Trump declared a national emergency to secure our border and protect the homeland, House leadership unsuccessfully attempted to obstruct the President’s statutory authority. Many of my colleagues try to downplay the crisis at our southern border, but here in Missouri the crisis has tragically hit too close to home. Just this week, the heartbreaking murder of Randy Nordman, a resident of the Third Congressional District of Missouri, at the hands of an illegal immigrant was back in the news. His murderer took his own life in prison as he awaited trial. Political games will not save other families from facing a tragic loss like the Nordman family, and that’s why I support President Trump’s work to fulfill our sacred duty to protect the citizens we serve and secure our borders.

Not only have my colleagues across the aisle refused to protect the homeland, but unfathomably a major takeaway from their first 100 days is the defense of infanticide. Protecting babies should not be a partisan issue. It is incomprehensible how many precious lives have been cut short by abortion, and now some politicians are taking it a step further by actually advocating for ending the lives of babies after birth. We cannot stand idly by as our values and morals are denigrated by those who are unwilling to protect our most vulnerable populations. I am working hard to uphold our Missouri values and doing everything in my power to protect the sanctity of life.

Infamously, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “show me your budget, show me your morals” when her party was in the minority. Now that she is the leader of the House, it appears those words no longer apply.  Producing a budget is one of the most basic functions and Constitutional duties of a House majority, yet this week Speaker Pelosi faced an internal party revolt because her proposed budget numbers didn’t raise spending high enough for the ultra-liberal majority of her party, forcing Democrats to pull the bill from floor consideration. If House Democrats are unable to coalesce around a broad budget agreement, in the words of Speaker Pelosi, how can they come to an agreement on their moral compass?

This has been the overarching theme of the last 100 days. The responsibility of governing has simply proven too difficult for my colleagues as they face a divided government and a Democratic conference pushing farther left. Politicians often talk about working across aisle and finding bipartisan compromise yet fall short when it comes time to act. After 100 days of Democratic extremism, I hope they will finally take the chance to walk the walk and work together in the best interest of our constituents. The American people deserve more.