Blaine’s Bulletin: President Trump’s Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

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Washington, July 13, 2018 | comments

In the wake of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the United States Supreme Court, President Trump has been afforded the opportunity to nominate someone to fill the vacancy. On Tuesday, he announced the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh who currently sits on the D.C. circuit.

Speaking of his selection progress, President Trump said, “In keeping with President Reagan’s legacy, I do not ask about a nominee’s personal opinions.  What matters is not a judge’s political views, but whether they can set aside those views to do what the law and the Constitution require.  I am pleased to say that I have found, without doubt, such a person.”

Judge Kavanaugh graduated from Yale Law School and clerked for Justice Kennedy years ago. Even more impressive than his legal background is his work in the community. He stays involved in his community through extensive charity work, regularly volunteering at area food banks, and coaching his daughters’ basketball teams. For twenty-five years, he has served the American people in a variety of roles.

His track record truly speaks for itself, with more than three hundred published opinions he has proved himself as a judge who applies the law as written. In our country, regulatory overreach has consistently plagued the government, particularly in the financial services sector. Judge Kavanaugh has consistently advocated for the American people to reject attempts by the federal government to impose onerous regulations.

Confirmed by the Senate in 2006 to serve on the D.C. Circuit, Judge Kavanaugh has called his judicial philosophy “straightforward” and assures the American people that, if confirmed, he will “keep an open mind in every case, and I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American Rule of Law.”

I am hopeful our Senators can escape the partisan hyperbole that has already plagued the nomination process. With decades of experience, praise from judges across the nation, and a high regard for the United States Constitution, Brett Kavanaugh will ensure our American values are upheld for years to come. I urge my colleagues in the Senate will put political theater aside and swiftly confirm this qualified nominee.



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