Blaine's Bulletin: Happy Father's Day

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Washington, June 15, 2018 | comments

Many of you know me as a Congressman, a farmer, or small businessman, but no role in my life will ever be as important as my role as a father and grandfather. My wife Jackie and I raised three amazing children who are now grown with families of their own, and they’ve blessed us with five grandchildren and a sixth on the way.  This weekend, families across America will celebrate Father’s Day. As I head home to Missouri today, I’m looking forward to spending some time with my family, as I am sure you are too.

As I watch my grandchildren continue to grow before my eyes, I think of the future all of our children can and should have.   They deserve the opportunity to enter the workforce with a flourishing economy, a strong job market, and a fighting chance at the American Dream. Young Americans are always on my mind as I represent Missouri’s Third District because our work in Congress today will affect the lives they live tomorrow.

These past few months we have been working hard to ensure future generations have the economic opportunities they deserve. In December, President Trump signed comprehensive tax reform into law, a huge win for families across the nation. First, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doubles the Child Tax Credit, providing crucial support to parents. Additionally, it unleashes our economy, letting Americans keep more of their hard-earned money and creating job opportunities.

As an example, I recently heard from a mother who wrote me a letter to share how tax reform has affected her family. Due to the new law, their family now keeps an extra $200 dollars a month. She explained that the extra money can now pay for piano and swimming lessons for their six-year-old daughter each month.  That is real money, and it means very real things for families here in Missouri.

Last month, President Trump signed S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and consumer Protection Act into law. It is the most significant pro-growth banking regulation bill in decades. This legislation will lower the cost of financial products and allow small business owners the access to credit they need to grow their business. At first glance, we might not see how this affects everyday families.  However, when we consider the enormous amount of Missourians who work for small businesses in our area, whether it’s a machine shop in O’Fallon, a garage in Union, or a restaurant at the lake, it becomes clear that their success is our success.  

It is legislation like S. 2155 that will continue to keep our economy on a pro-growth track, allowing future small business owners the opportunities they need to grow. While we now have a modern tax code and our economy back on track, there is still a great deal of work ahead of us. I will continue to advocate for policies to enhance the future of this great nation, because our children and grandchildren deserve a future filled with prosperity and success. I wish everyone in Missouri’s Third District has a safe and happy Father’s Day!

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