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A Better Way: Part II

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Last week’s bulletin was the first in a six week series, called A Better Way, focusing on bold policy solutions to get our nation back on track. Following on last week’s discussion of poverty, this week’s focus is all about national security – a topic which is frequently brought up to me as I travel around the district. What I hear from you is the need to keep America strong in an ever-changing worldwide landscape that includes multiple adversaries around the globe. Read more »

Blaine's Bulletin: Keeping America Secure

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Providing for the common defense of our nation is one of the explicit duties given to the federal government by the United States Constitution. Now more than ever, as terrorists fueled by Islamic extremism attack America and her allies at home and abroad, it is critical that our government exercise this constitutional duty to keep America safe and secure. While the administration has not proposed a clear strategy to defeat our enemies yet, Congress has passed important measures to keep the American people and our homeland safe in recent weeks. Read more »