Luetkemeyer, Blaine


Blaine’s Bulletin: Congratulations to our Congressional Art Competition Winner

Washington, May 11, 2018 -

Nearly five million people visit the United States Capitol each year. The building that serves as a symbol of freedom and democracy is also filled with incredible statues and paintings paying tribute to the men and women who built this great nation. Each day as I walk through the Capitol, I am still in awe. Since 1982, the Congressional Art Competition has provided high school students across the nation the opportunity to add their own improvements to the halls of the U.S. Capitol by displaying artwork from each congressional district.

High school students from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories have the opportunity each spring to showcase their artistic ability. A winner is chosen from each district to have their artwork displayed at the Capitol for a year.  I may be biased, but we have some extremely talented students right here in Missouri. Over the years, I have seen many different types of submissions, ranging from paintings to drawings to photographs - and I am always blown away by the talent of these young people.

This year, my office received twenty-four submissions from across the district and the artwork was some of the best we have seen! This year’s first runner up was Joette Brinker from Washington High School. Her drawing entitled “Summer Memories” shows a young girl eating ice cream, done in black pen. Earning the second runner up spot was Cenzie LaCrone, a sophomore from St. Clair High School. Her artwork is entitled “Forever” and portrays her grandparents intertwined hands. She worked with pencil to create the artwork. Last, but not least, Addison Luetkemeyer’s “Pisces,” in colored pencil, earned third runner up. Addison’s artwork depicts two koi fish jumping in ocean waves in front of a starry galaxy background. In the center of the drawing is the constellation Pisces.

Courtney Walsch, a student at Linn High School was named the overall winner of the 2018 art competition for Missouri’s third district. Hailing from Chamois, Courtney’s artwork was entitled “Freedom.” Her oil painting depicts the Statue of Liberty at sunset. Courtney’s work showcases her incredible artistic skill and patriotism, and I was lucky enough to get to congratulate her in person recently.

Thank you to all the students who participated in this year’s Congressional Art Competition and congratulations to our winners! As the overall winner, Courtney will have the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. and unveil her artwork. She will have the honor of having “Freedom” hang in the United States Capitol for the next year. I look forward to showing off her artwork to visitors from Missouri’s third district! Please visit my website Luetkemeyer.House.Gov for more details on the Congressional Art Competition – and please join me in congratulating all of our winners on their incredible artwork.