Luetkemeyer, Blaine


Blaine's Bulletin: A Snapshot of Fulton

Washington, March 17, 2017 -

Another successful week is in the books. There is a lot to discuss regarding this past week, so let’s get to it.

I started the week off with two radio segments. The first was with our listeners around the Jefferson City area on KWOS, and then I was on KWRE, which serves listeners surrounding Warren and St. Charles Counties. I make, roughly, a dozen radio calls throughout the 3rd District per month and it serves as a great opportunity for me to give the listeners my view from Washington and to take questions from callers who are listening.

After the radio segments, I hit the road and traveled to Fulton where I spent the day meeting with several individuals.

First, I met with the Callaway County Superintendents to discuss the future of our nation’s health-care system and the Department of Labor’s overtime rule, as well as educational concerns. These superintendents, and all of the individuals across the district who hold these jobs, are tasked with ensuring the 3rd District’s youth are receiving a high-quality education. I cannot thank them enough for all they do on a daily basis. Up next, I met with officials from the city of Fulton and commissioners from Callaway County and we discussed a number of EPA regulations that have hurt our local cities and counties.

From there, I made two stops at manufacturing plants in Fulton. First, I had the opportunity to tour Danuser Machine Company. Danuser has over 90 employees and the company is currently working on an 11,000 square foot expansion. Danuser is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for over 800 customers, including John Deere. It was great to see the products they work hard to produce and that are shipped throughout the country from mid-Missouri. Then I went to Henderson Products, a company that manufactures a range of truck equipment products such as snow plows, sand and salt spreaders, and anti-ice systems, to name a few. To round out my day, I stopped by the Fulton Power Plant where I got a tour of its inner workings, met with its employees, and learned how it keeps the lights on for the city of Fulton. All in all, it was a great day. I’m always amazed and humbled to be able to represent such hard-working Missourians in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The work week in Washington was shortened due to a snowstorm that hit, but on the House floor, we were still able to successfully send a trio of veterans bills to the Senate. These bills will directly hold the Department of Veterans (VA) accountable to the veterans it serves, protect veterans and their Second Amendment rights, and empower the VA to hire and retain veterans in its workforce. 

Another highlight was meeting with constituents from the 3rd District that were in Washington with the Agriculture Leadership of Tomorrow program. We had a great conversation about agriculture policy, as well as ensuring that Missouri’s farming and ranching tradition continues into the future. Agriculture remains our state’s number one industry, and I’m confident that this ALOT class will make a positive impact on our state for many years down the road.

Overall, it was a great week. Throughout the next several months, I look forward to stopping by your area and highlighting all of the great things that happen in the 3rd District of Missouri on a day to day basis. If you want to see pictures from my travels or from Washington, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for a behind the scenes look. Until next week!