Our nation owes much to the brave men and women who served this country with honor and distinction.  Not only do they deserve our gratitude, but we also need recognize the sacrifices they made in defense of our great nation to protect the liberties that we enjoy.  Without our nation’s veterans, we would not have the rights and privileges that we take for granted as Americans each and every day.  Our veterans are the reason that our nation stands as a shining example for other freedom-loving nations around world.

In the 115th Congress, I have proudly supported these pieces of legislation to empower our nation's veterans: 

H.R. 1181, the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, would prevent VA bureaucrats from infringing upon the Second Amendment rights of our veterans, instead requiring a judicial authority to make that ruling
H.R. 1259, the VA Accountability First Act, which would provide the VA secretary increased flexibility to remove, demote, or suspend VA employees, including Senior Executive Service Employees, for performance or misconduct
H.R. 27, the Ensuring VA Employee Accountability Act, which would ensure the VA holds its employees accountable for the mismanagement of our veterans health-care and that only qualified and responsible individuals advance and retain VA positions
H.R. 2288, the VA Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act, which reforms the VA appeals process to alleviate the astronomical wait times for VA appeals by providing veterans with additional choices with their claim I was proud to support this legislation and am pleased it was signed into law by President Trump on August 23, 2017